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Ascension Teachers Trish Starling and Carrie Knott host the Ascension Airwaves show.

Every Sunday from 11am join us as we share ascension knowledge, wisdom and teachings. Each week we bring to you meditations, 'Gold for the Soul' a selection of Andrew Hobbs poetry, teachings of the Tao, Wisdom of the Elders channelled messages, divine meditations, Oracle card readings and much more.


Occasionally we are joined by inspirational spiritual teachers and practitioners who share their profound wisdom, views, top tips, activations and meditations too.


Ascension is the journey from ego to love, remembering your divine essence and becoming your truth. Our mission is to support you on the Golden Path of Ascension through this dively orchestrated service work overlighted by Lord Melchizedek.


Return to Egypt

A series of 7 online workshops

After a pilgrimage to the sacred sands of the motherland, Trish Starling and Carrie Knott extend a heartfelt invitation for you to delve into a series of seven workshops that transport you back to the enchanting Magic and Mystery of Egypt.

Embarking on this journey into the mystical secrets of Egypt will open your heart to authentic narratives and bestow upon you the sacred symbols and activations from the most revered star family in ancient history. 

Anubis, The Opener of the Way, The Protector, The Metaphysician and Prince of Peace will be our guide throughout this series, re-introducing you to the deep ancient ancestral love and wisdom buried within the flames of your own heart.

The Sun God Ra, Mother Isis, Nuit, The Family of Hathor and Horus, the High Priestess Nephthys, Sobek, Khnum, Maat, Sekhmet, Nuit, Selket, Ptah and Imhotep are just a few of the ancient beloved God and Goddesses that are stepping forward to invite you to experience this voyage back to the ancient lands of Egypt.

Are you ready to Soul Travel with us on a return to Egypt in 2024 to Ancient timelines that will immerse you in the wonders of the Royal Family of the Sun?

Workshop dates:

  • Sunday 11th February at 7pm - Workshop 1: The sands of Egypt 

  • Sunday 17th March at 7pm - Workshop 2: The Egyptian Royal Family 

  • Sunday 21st April at 7pm - Workshop 3: The Temple of Hathor

  • Sunday 5th May at 7pm - 4: The Sacred Ankh

  • Sunday 19th May at 7pm - Workshop 5: Echoes of Egypt

  • Sunday 2nd June at 7pm - Workshop 6: Egyptian Sacred Magik and Medicine

  • Sunday 23rd June at 7pm - Workshop 7: The Temple of Isis

Workshop series £111

(payment plans available)

Becoming The
Violet Flame 

Friday 22nd March at 7pm on Zoom

Are you ready to become one with The Miraculous Violet Flame?

​To become one with the flame of force that holds all versions of the violet flame, the flame that makes things happen, the flame that ignites and balances your mind, body, soul and spirit and all of your actions?

The most important most powerful, replenishing flame that holds the structures of all flames including the threefold flame of love, wisdom and power?

If yes, join Carrie Knott & Trish Starling, the Elohim, the Cosmic Hierarchy and the Archangels for a receiving of this flame that will stimulate your senses, ignite your connecting rods and blaze away all unwanted energies bringing clarity focus and true purpose into your life, your soul mission and your entire existence!

Workshop fee £11

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