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Services & Treatments

Mind, Body and Soul approaches that support relaxation, grounding, support with anxieties, self-discovery, post-operative recovery, healing and support from current and past issues and moving forward with renewed focus

Angelic Energy Healer - Female energy worker with hands outstretched and open upwards sens

Metatron Colour Healing

Working with the Energies of Archangel's Metatron & Sandalphon these sessions include the use of sacred geometry, colour, sound, crystals and sprays. Metatron Colour Healing is a whole system approach to improving, replenishing, enhancing & nurturing your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Sessions available include:

Chakra Balancing & Light Body Activation

Cord Cutting 

Past Life Healing

Ancestral Healing

Inner Child Healing

Colour/Sound Bath Healing

Activating your Merkaba

Archangel Metatron Self-Mastery Oracle readings & healing

This wonderful modality was created by

Magical Book of Akashic Records with pretty lights and dark mysterious background.jpg

Akashic Ascension Sessions with Archangel Metatron

Akashic Ascension Sessions

Archangel Metatron is "The keeper of the Akashic records." Metatron holds the keys to these sacred libraries of our lifetimes here on Earth. These sessions connect you to the essence of who you are, with channelled information from Archangel Metatron, the Angelic Kingdom, Ascended Masters and other Cosmic beings of Light!

If you are yearning to know more about where you are from, and the Essence of your Soul. These sessions connect and bring to your awareness important information for your Ascension Path. You will receive important information from Archangel Metatron about your Devine Golden Blueprint. These sessions activate and enable an intensifying of the frequency codes of your own truth and Devine light, supporting you to connect to your highest potential.

Each session delivered is unique and led by your soul. 

Before booking these sessions, please contact me via email: to discuss content


Reiki Distance Healing

Reiki balances the body’s Chakras (Energy Centres).  This is a natural process that supports relaxation and healing by removing any blocks to this flow of energy in your body; helping to bring both mind and body back into balance; giving support on all levels unique to each person receiving it as it tends to what the person needs most at that time.

Crystal Reiki: Crystals add an extra layer of healing to treatments and can support the release of emotional, mental or spiritual blocks. 

Solar Eclipse

Therapist of the New Earth

Energy Therapies, Life Coaching & Mentoring

Are you ready to be assisted to reach your highest potential? 

Using intuitive, compassionate and nourishing Self Love & Growth techniques to support your emotional, mental and physical development & wellbeing. These sessions connect you to your own inner compass, assist you to recognise your light, find your hidden gifts and strengths and believe in your potential for abundance, greatness & fulfilment.

These 1:1 sessions reconnect you to your own inner wisdom and self-mastery that support you to live the life that you truly deserve!

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