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It has been clearly stated that life lived by the average individual is hypnotic; that is, the majority  of men and women are not living life as it was intended at all. Not one in a million feels the freedom  to live what he inwardly feels he should live. He has come under the world opinion  of himself, and this opinion is what he obeys, rather than the law of his own being. In this respect and to this degree, he is living under a hypnotic spell. He lives under the delusion that he is a mere human being , living in a merely material world, and only hopes to escape it when he dies and goes to what he calls heaven. This is not the determination intended in the plan and purpose of Life. Obedience to one's inner nature, the expression of Life as he instinctively feels It ought to be expressed, is the very foundation of the Life which the Masters reveal as the only True mode of Living'

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