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Trish Starling

Ascension Path Accelerator, Metatron Colour Healer, Channeller, Energy Anchor & Light Code Activator, Reiki Master, Certified Angel Guide, Celestial Star Guide, Universal Mystic, Love Teacher & Therapist of the new world (The Age of the Golden Heart). 

Welcome Beloved souls. It is such a Blessing to connect with you here. My joy in Life is to live in loving service to all.

A little about Me

I am a universal mystic who is completely and utterly inspired by the grace, light and frequency of the Great Beloved Sacred Light of the Devine Creator and the light that we hold inside (the light of our I AM Presence). I am endlessly inspired by the human body’s innate healing power and how we can take in this Light and transmit it to where it is needed the most. I have trained as a Therapist of the New World, Metatron Colour Healer, Divine Channel, Energy Anchor & Light Code Activator, Reiki Master, Certified Angel Guide and as a Devine Love-Light Activator. I have a special relationship with the Angelic and Higher Realms of light, the Order of Melchizedek and the Eternal Ancient and profound wisdom and light of the Stars. I work within the Akashic Records to share to others “The Story of their Soul” and both within the records and within the Halls of Amenti to support you to clear, heal and retrieve your soul gifts, reclaim your light, bring balance to your life and attain your highest frequency.

All 1:1  sessions I offer are bespoke to individual needs.  I work with Devine Light and unconditional LOVE to support and empower you to connect to your light within. All sessions lead you into your heart helping you to become more conscious, more intentional and help you to invite in new balance.  Working with your higher self, I help you to access the depths of your conscious, unconscious and superconscious mind. I work under the law of grace to support a beautiful jump in your Ascension path and hold space to enable an intensifying of the frequency codes of your own light, supporting you to connect to your highest potential and truth.

Sessions can include unique Soul-Led Activations to connect you to your own inner compass, deep soul regression and healing, reimprinting your divine blueprint, addressing soul fragmentation, inner child and Trauma healing, Ancestral Alchemy and releasing those deep-rooted issues or blocks to your Ascension Path. Helping you to release the emotional charge and replace associated limiting beliefs with  empowerment, peace, love, wellness and self-love.

I also work closely with my sister of light Carrie Knott in service to bring forth ascension teachings via ascension airwaves. Please check out our YouTube channel where we hope you will enjoy our meditations of highest light and love. 


My mission is to assist in raising the vibrational frequencies of earth and support those ready to Awaken… to the light within. The goal is heaven on earth and the operating system.... LOVE!

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