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Ascension Acceleration

Welcome - It is such a Blessing to connect with you here. This website shares my offerings to those on the Path of Enlightenment. My wish and hope is to Inspire You to Connect to the Light within YOU to Live the Life you Deserve to Live!

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Golden Heart Healing  

33 Ascension Acceleration Activations through the Rays of Christ consciousness to heal your golden heart, inspired and led by Lord Melchizedek the Universal Logos. 

It's not too lat
e to join this course that will support the growth of your Three-Fold Flame, your oversoul, your higher mind, your superconscious mind and your 'I AM Presence'.

This course prepares you for the Age of the Golden Heart and will be delivered and led by Carrie Knott and Trish Starling. Are you ready for a most powerful healing on every level of your heart? 

This higher frequency course will really support those on the Ascension Path to prepare for the Age of the Golden Heart. 

For more information for all upcoming courses, please click the link below

Workshops, Courses & Events -

Are you looking for a more holistic approach to your health or simply want to feel restored and rebalanced?

Are you a Lightworker, Empath or Highly sensitive individual wanting to increase your knowledge, dive deeper into healing and connect to your gifts?

Any queries regarding services, please get in touch ✨

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